Amsterdam/ Munich, 16.08.2021

Taco Rijssemus will become CEO of All3Media Germany and will assume overall responsibility for All3Media Germany’s award-winning production companies as of September 1st.
Dr. Markus Schäfer, who has been responsible for All3Media’s operations in Germany and the Netherlands since 2015, has decided to step down as CEO.

Under Dr. Schäfer’s leadership, All3Media strengthened and further expanded its market position. This included the acquisition of the production label south & browse as well as the foundings of The Fiction Syndicate, Bon Voyage Films and the German branch of Little Dot Studios. idtv in the Netherlands achieved the turnaround with Taco Rijssemus as CEO. The company became a sought-after entertainment house, producing high-quality factual entertainment and show formats in the Netherlands.


Cologne, 09.08.2021

Tower Productions is present on TV three times this week:

On Monday, “Streetfood Challenge” starts on ZDFneo. From August 9th to 13th at 5:45 pm CET, six teams will compete against each other and show what they can do when cooking in a food truck. Their food creations will be sold to real guests in a specially built food arena.

On Tuesday evening, August 10th, ZDF will show the final concert of “Unforgettable – Our Choir for People with Dementia.” The unusual project started in January 2020: actress Annette Frier founded a choir for people with dementia together with choirmaster Eddi Hüneke. They explored the question of whether singing increases the joy of life of the choir participants and their relatives. The choir has continued rehearsing despite the pandemic and was able to impressively confirm the above thesis.

“Snackmasters” can be seen on RTL from August 15th at 7:05 pm CET onwards. In six entertaining episodes, twelve top chefs try to decipher the recipes of some of Germany’s most popular snacks and re-create them.


Cologne, 27. 06.2021

On June 27 at 2:55 p.m., “Mein Hund fürs Leben” will start on ZDF. The five-part series is an adaptation of Five Miles Film’s internationally successful factual entertainment format “The Dog House” from the All3Media International catalogue. Tower Productions, under the direction of Dietlinde Stroh, implemented the format for ZDF. The dedicated animal rights activist Sonja Zietlow presents the “partner matchmaking” of dogs and humans.


Munich, 25.06.021

At the Media Days Special “Connect! The Future of TV,” Dr. Markus Schäfer, CEO of All3Media Germany, spoke with Carine Léa Chardon (Managing Director of ZVEI Consumer Electronics and Satellite & Cable trade associations) about the situation of producers. A central topic was the growing number of streaming offers, how they change the TV market and which business model requires which storytelling. The summary of the interview can be read on the Medientage blog:

and is also available as a video, starting at 1:05:40:



Cologne, 31.05.2021

Top ratings of the day!

On its 50th anniversary “Polizeiruf 110 Halle” was the most-watched programme last Sunday with 7.82 million viewers and a market share of 25.9 per cent.


Cologne, 28.05.2021

“Polizeiruf 110″ is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

 filmpool fiction – under the leadership of Iris Kiefer – produced this special episode on behalf of MDR. With Peter Kurth and Peter Schneider, two top-class actors are investigating in Halle. TV critic Rainer Tittelbach wrote: “Everything is just right in this crime drama”. Das Erste will show “An der Saale hellem Strande” on 30 May at 8.15 pm CET.


Munich/Berlin/Hamburg, 17.05.2021

When the European League of Football kicks off in Europe for the first time on 19 June, Little Dot Studios will be there as a business player: from now on, Little Dot Studios will support the league’s channel management on YouTube and will ensure the development and expansion of its reach there. To this end, the digital full-service agency and the European League of Football have now agreed on a cooperation.


Munich/Berlin, 11. Mai 2021

Little Dot Studios brings the success story of “Real Stories” to Germany: Starting today, the new YouTube channel “Real Stories Germany” is the home for documentaries, series and contemporary history. There, the best content from ancient times to the present can be seen exclusively in German audio. The Real Stories channel on YouTube, which belongs to Little Dot Studios UK, already regularly fascinates 4.27 million viewers with English-language content. In Germany, “Real Stories Deutschland” is launched with premium content from Autentic GmbH.


******BREAKING NEWS******

On Thursday evening, 6 May, “Kommissar Dupin  –  Bretonische Spezialitäten” achieved the highest ratings since the begin of the series. 7.16 million TV viewers tuned in to the 9th film in the series on Das Erste. This means that the production by filmpool fiction not only achieved an above-average market share of 22.4 per cent of the total audience, but also won the day.


Cologne, 06.05.2021

“Kommissar Dupin – Bretonische Spezialitäten” is once again critically acclaimed  throughout the German press. “One of the best Thursday crime series on ARD”, writes Rainer Tittelbach about the production by filmpool fiction. And the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung states: “It’s great, that a German crime series has been bringing the French lifestyle closer to our living room for years.” Das Erste will show the 9th episode of the crime series on 6 May at 8.15 pm.


Flensburg/Cologne, 27.04.2021

The first take of “Der Flensburg Krimi: Heimkehr” has been made. filmpool fiction under the direction of Iris Kiefer is realising the co-production of NDR and Degeto for Das Erste. The team, including director Janis Rebecca Rattenni and the new investigator duo Katharina Schlothauer and Eugene Boateng, will be shooting in Flensburg and Hamburg until 15 May. The film is expected to be shown as part of the “DonnerstagsKrimis” series Im Ersten this upcoming autumn.


Cologne, 22. 04.2021

“Das große Backen  –  Die Profis” enters the third round on Sat.1.

Tower Productions again is producing the new episodes of the competition for the Golden Cupcake. Six duos of master confectioners from Germany, Austria and Italy will compete against each other starting on Sunday, 9 May 2021 at 5.45 pm CET.


Mainz/Cologne, 12.04.2021

ZDF will adapt the successful British format “The Dog House” from All3Media International’s catalogue. The realisation of the show, in which people and dogs are brought together in a warm-hearted way by the presenter Sonja Zietlow, lies with Tower Productions. “The Dog House” is scheduled to be shown on Sundays from 27 June 2021 at 14:55pm CET.
The series was originally developed for Channel 4 in Great Britain, where a second season recently started with high ratings.


Munich / Cologne, 30.03.2021

All3Media Germany now is supporting the “ifs filmschule” in Cologne as a cooperation partner. With our commitment, we  –  together with other companies in the entertainment industry  –  support the part-time course “Entertainment Producing” and its future students: As one of the scholarship providers, we make it possible for talented creatives to study innovatively, regardless of their financial means, and thus also set an example for more participation and diversity. The scholarships cover parts of the tuition fees for the two-year Master’s programme. This way, we want to play our part in professionalising education in the non-fiction sector.


Cologne, 25.03.2021

“The Great Celebrity Bake Off” on Sat.1 has even surpassed the previous top ratings once again: Season 5 was the most successful so far! The average market share across all six episodes was a strong 11.8 percent in the advertising-relevant target group. The finale on 24 March was watched by a total of 2.21 million viewers. In the target group of 14-49 year-olds, the show from Tower Productions thus achieved a market share of 12.6 percent.


Cologne/Wiesbaden, 25.03.2021

The productions by filmpool fiction “Polizeiruf 110 Rostock – Sabine” (NDR) as well as “Polizeiruf 110 Magdeburg – Der Verurteilte” (MDR) are among the ten competition films of the 17th German TV Crime Film Festival and have been nominated for the German TV Crime Film Award 2021. The award ceremony with a celebrity-studded jury will take place on Friday, 4 June 2021 in Wiesbaden.


Cologne, 15.03.2021

“Polizeiruf 110: Sabine” was the most-watched programme after the Tagesschau on Sunday, 14 March – both among viewers aged 3 and over and in the advertising-relevant target group. 8.17 million viewers tuned in to Das Erste to watch the investigators Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau) and Alexander Bukow (Charly Hübner). The production by filmpool fiction for NDR thus achieved a very good market share of 19.4% among 14-49 year-olds.


Cologne, 12.03.2021

In the new “Polizeiruf 110 Rostock” Sabine, Luise Heyer plays the quiet office worker Sabine Brenner, who turns out to be a ticking time bomb. Luise Heyer was awarded the German Film Prize in 2019 for her role as the mother of the young Hape Kerkeling in the feature film “Der Junge muss an die frische Luft”. Stefan Schaller, also a multiple award winner, directed the film. The screenplay was written by Florian Oeller, who already provided the template for the episode “Der Tag wird kommen”. filmpool fiction, directed by Iris Kiefer, produced this Polizeiruf Rostock 110 for NDR. Das Erste will show it on Sunday, 14 March at 8.20 pm CET.


Cologne, 12.03. 2021

“Die Ruhrpottwache – Vermisstenfahnder im Einsatz” starts again: From 15 March, Sat.1 shows the production by filmpool entertainment Mondays to Fridays at 5 pm CET.


Berlin / London, 02.03.2021

All3Media International presents the miniseries “You shouldn’t lie/Du sollst nicht lügen”, produced by filmpool fiction, at the European Film Market on 2 March at 8.30 pm CET and on 5 March at 10 am CET. The digital EFM is part of the newly designed festival programme of this year’s Berlinale.


Cologne, 17.03.2021

The 5th season of “The Great Celebrity Bake Off” got off to a more successful start than any previous season: 2.02 million viewers tuned in to Sat.1 to find out how the celebrity hobby bakers mastered the sweet tasks. This resulted in a strong market share of 11.1 percent in the advertising-relevant target group.

The big celebrity bake-off goes into the fifth round: On 17 February at 8.15 p.m. a new season starts on Sat.1. Tower Productions is of course responsible for the production again. This time, Ekaterina Leonova, Pascal Hens, Daniel Boschmann, Franziska Knuppe, Luca Hänni, Mirja du Mont, Jürgen Milski and Barbara Wussow will be competing to win the Golden Cupcake 2021. Over six episodes, the celebrities have to convince baking professionals Bettina “Betty” Schliephake-Burchardt and Christian Hümbs of their baking skills in three rounds each. As usual, the show will be hosted by Enie van de Meiklokjes.


Our digital content agency Little Dot Studios has contributed to a double online world premiere for MAN Truck & Bus.

  • #1: The MAN QuickStop series is now available to watch on YouTube. Actor and comedian John Friedmann hosts the monthly series.
  • # 2: For the first time, the company presents a new product exclusively on YouTube.

In addition, there are plenty of insights behind the scenes.


Munich/Cologne, 09.02.2021

It is the fictional TV event of the year: The miniseries “Du sollst nicht lügen”.

Sat.1 will show the filmpool fiction production on 9 and 10 February at 8.15 pm in double episodes. Mathias Lösel is the producer responsible for the four-part mini-series with Barry Atsma and Felicitas Woll shining in the leading roles. The press response is extraordinary: Bild am Sonntag, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Augsburger Allgemeine, high-reach media such as Bild Online as well as every programme magazine reports in detail. The series is an adaptation of the British-American co-production “Liar” by Two Brothers Pictures for ITV and AMC in cooperation with All3Media International.


Cologne, 08.02.2021

Since 8 February, Vox is presenting the second season of “Salonfähig – Wer macht schöner?” After the success of the first season in spring 2020, new salon owners now open the doors to their beauty salons and face the judgement of their competitors. The show is produced by our label Tower Productions and is based on the format “SpaWars” by the All3Media label Studio Lambert. Vox shows “Salonfähig” Mondays to Fridays at 4 pm.


Munich, 01.02.2021

Welcome to the team!

As of now, Anika Bader is responsible for the group controlling of All3Media Germany as Director Corporate Controlling & M&A and will support the management team with M&A projects in a leading role. She brings extensive experience from finance and M&A positions with the Warner Group and EnBW.e”