All3Media, the leading international television, film and digital production and distribution group, announced today that Vittorio Valente has been appointed as CEO of All3Media Deutschland.

The German group produces drama series Inspector Dupin, Police Call 110, Tatort and Informer; hit shows Berlin Night and Day, B:Real, Cologne 50667, Full House and Barbara Salesch: The Criminal Court; local versions of formats including The Traitors, Race Across the World, Undercover Boss, together with documentaries for ZDF’s Terra X and ProSieben’s Galileo. All3Media Deutschland also contains Magic Connection, a social media content, talent management and PR and communications agency.

Valente, Managing Director of All3Media’s filmpool entertainment, will be joined at All3Media Deutschland by filmpool entertainment Chief Operating Officer Felix Wesseler who takes on the role of the German group’s COO.

Taco Rijssemus recently announced that he is leaving as CEO of All3Media Deutschland for personal reasons to pursue new opportunities.

Jane Turton, CEO of All3Media, said: “Germany is a very important market for us, and I am excited that Vittorio Valente will now step into the leadership role of the All3Media German business.

“Vito is a brilliant producer and an accomplished business leader who has built filmpool entertainment into one of the most successful and well-respected production companies in the country. I am delighted that he will lead our German business as we embark on the next phase of the Group’s growth, bolstering our scripted and unscripted programme slates.”

Valente said: “I am thrilled to take on my new role at All3Media and am eager to lead the organisation to further success. Working with some of the industry’s strongest talents has been, and will continue to be, my core interest alongside a focus on building the German business.

“I am also happy that in Felix we have an experienced COO to work with all of our German companies – a manager who has a fantastic reputation for being both an enabler for production teams and a great international networker.”


Dr. Taco Rijssemus leaves All3Media after more than seven years

After more than seven years at All3Media, one of the world’s
largest independent production companies, Dr. Taco Rijssemus is leaving the company for personal reasons to pursue new opportunities.

„It has been my great pleasure and passion to have accompanied All3Media in two roles for over seven years, first as Managing Director of IDTV and then as CEO of All3Media Deutschland GmbH, but I feel a great desire to try something new again
in times of exciting change in the TV and streaming landscape,“ says Dr. Taco Rijssemus, and adds: „With IDTV, we have captivated the whole world with a new genre with The Traitors, and as CEO of All3Media Germany I worked to position its diverse labels for the future in this competitive market. Now, for personal reasons, I would like to continue my journey outside the All3Media family.“

Jane Turton, CEO of All3Media, said:

“Taco took on the role of running our German group alongside IDTV and All3Media Belgium. He has a passion for creativity and has been instrumental in helping to build the business, overseeing, for example, the hugely successful launch of the German, Dutch and Belgian versions of our hit global format The Traitors.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Taco and I would like to thank him for all that he has done while at All3Media. I wish him every success for the future.”

From 2017 to 2021, Rijssemus was Managing Director of the All3Media company IDTV, the Dutch production company with which he achieved the turnaround and developed the company into an internationally successful player with global hits such as The Traitors. Since 2021, as CEO, he has further developed All3Media into a strong brand in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.